Wave energy with a floating house

  • Hey,
    I Saranke Visser and I am in the fifth grate of vwo. I would possibly like to do my (profielwerkstuk) project about a floating house which would produce energy partly because of the wave-energy it could produce. I would like this house to be zero-carbon, or at least that it produces most of it's own energy. To reach this I would ofcourse also make use of solar panels, and good isolation.

    The question I would like to ask is;

    • Is it possible to produce wave energy with a floating house?
    • Has it ever been done before, or anything like it?
    • Can the house float on a lake you think, or would the sea provide more energy?
    • How expensive and sufficient is wave energy in comparison with the other ways to make green energy?

    (I don't know if this is the right forum to ask it on)

    I hope you can help me and answer some of my questions.

  • Ha Saranke,

    You're on the right place for your questions, i can help you out. Do you have to do your thesis in english? And what is your planned main question (hoofdvraag)? The topic you picked is quite wide, you want to discuss [i]and[/i] zero-energy [i]and[/i] good isolation [i]and[/i] wave-energy. That is not bad, but the questions you summed up are all about wave-energy. It looks like you want to deepen this subject in particular. When that is the case, then i would recommend just to focus on wave-energy. Which is more than enough. And than you can even make a partition between wave-energy and [i]how to built a floating house[/i].

    Did you already read something about wave-energy? Because there are many methods you can use to get energy of the waves. You can probably use one of those methods for your floating house. I am not going to tell you about it straight away, you have to do it yourself. That's the whole idea of your Profielwerkstuk. When you looked things up about wave-energy you can easily answer for example the question about a lake or sea. Think about it, are the waves big enough in a lake to get energy from you think?

    If you have more questions i can help you out. I'm wondering what the structure will be of your project. What is your main question? And the sub-questions?

    Good luck Saranke.


  • Hey,
    Well I am ectually just starting to form ideas about what subject I am going to do my project. In january we have the first real talks about it, so I'm early. I have to do my project in english because I am following bilingual education, although I mailed in english because the site here is in english...

    I have done some research about wave energy already. It is to bad that in the netherlands the don't really use it yet, but I thought I had heard somewhere that Delft university had worked together with people in the UK to test new models?

    My idea had come from a Landal Greenpark which is going to be build close by, and houses build on the water I had seen somewhere. So I thought, if you could make several houses floating on the water, for tourists or a holiday that would be totally knew and cool with a different vibe.
    Because the netherlands is surrounded by water and we almost use no water energy, this intrigued me. Combining those two subjects is quite wide, but for the moment I would like to keep it that way.

    Floating houses are often build in concrete boxes, and I thought that you could maybe put a screw, propellor beneath it which would start turning because of the current. Or you could do something with the energy of a open space on the bottem of the house (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golfenergie method three, don't know the english name) What do you think about that? And does it matter that the house is so heavy in comparison to how much in moves on the waves?

    I would like to build a model of the house quite sure and perhaps also of the wave energy thing, depending on what method I would use, which seems really difficult but interesting...

  • Hi Saranke,

    When you still want to combine both the floating house and the wave energy, then it might maybe a good idea to form a main question about [i]how to combine the 3rd method and a floating house[/i]. In that case you only have to do research about the 3rd method and not all the different types of wave energy and their pros and cons.
    Here you have a nice source about the structure of floating houses. It is difficult stuf to read, but try to have a quick look. And think about this; when does something float? Did you read about the Law of Archimedes? When you make an open space underneath the home where water can float in and out, then it migth drop a bit. So keep this in mind when you want to mix the wave-energy-propellor thing with the concrete structure. There are solutions though.

    In the end you will have to combine two different studies. One about the concrete box and one about the wave energy. It is very interesting but keep in mind that you have a limited time working on you paper. Make a good main question and delimit. A good overview will make things easier.

    Good luck with this first part.

    Grtz. Noor

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