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  • To whom it may concern,

    My name is Lucas Starck and I am a student in year 12 (16-17 years old) at the British School in the Netherlands (BSN) in Voorschoten. I take part in the STEM club at my school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and will start a project to complete my silver CREST award. This will take 50-60 hours and the aim is to investigate some a concept or idea using scientific experimentation.
    I am very interested in engineering - mechanical, aeronautical and aerospace mainly - so I would like to do my project based on one of those concepts, and ideally one that is applicable to life. Here are some project ideas that have intrigued me and that I would like to do:


    Magnetic braking

    Gravity car

    Stability of a bicycle > inertia

    Coupled pendula

    Sliding friction

    Optimising a solar water heater

    Forces on a rolling magnet

    Building a pressure / depth sensor

    Turbine efficiency - fluid coupling

    Factors affecting restitution of bouncing balls

    Meteorites > variables affecting size of crater and perhaps shape of crater

    Effects of wing lift

    I have contacted you, hoping that I would be able to receive some professional feedback on perhaps which of these projects are the most feasible and how I could go about investigating those areas. Any information would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Lucas Starck

  • Hey Lucas,

    That's a long list of awesome projects! Your request for our expertise concerning the feasibility of these subjects is quite a difficult one. Every subject is feasible to research do on. However, it depends in which depth you would like to go. Is there also a practical part to your project? This is important to know. I see many subjects concerning thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and gravity. These are all quite diffcult to put to the test. Take this in mind when making your subject decision.

    I think you should mainly make your decision based on your own interests. What do you like best?

    Furthermore, you requested "information". However, first you should make an attempt at doing research yourself. When you get really stuck we will assist you in finding the correct information.

    Kind regards,
    Midas Becker

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