Wireless Power

  • Dear sir/ madam,

    Nowadays I’m trying to make an efficient power saving wireless battery recharger for a mobile phone. Sadly, my teacher for my PWS doesn’t know, what kind of value’s I have to use in my system. Therefore I’m contacting you to give me advice with these kinds of experiments. For this experiment, I use only transistors, capacitors, resistors and so on. I succesfully managed to make the wireless power transmittor. Hopefully, it will not be too much work. By the way, I have to do my PWS in English, but you can also answer in Dutch.

    Yours sincerely,


  • PWS TU Delft Team

    Hoi T.N.T

    An very intresting question you have here. In fact it is out of my field of knowledge.
    Therefore I have passed your question to a former member of our team.
    This could take a while, but now you know we are dealing with the question.

    With regards,


  • Beste TNT,

    Dank voor je vraag, misschien kan ik je verder helpen. Ik begrijp je probleem alleen nog niet helemaal. In je bericht vertel je dat je de wireless power transmitter al hebt gemaakt, maar dat je nog wel waardes voor je elektrische componenten nodig hebt. Wat zijn de waardes die je nu gebruikt dan? En kan je een diagram sturen van je elektrische circuit in plaats van dit high level schema? Dit schema kan je maken met behulp van oneindig veel elektrische componenten.


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